department - Physics


Dr. A. Agbele


Based on the philosophy of the Department, the Department is oriented towards providing students with a broad based knowledge of modern theoretical and practical aspects of Physics. The undergraduate programmes are designed to train students in Physics techniques, and to give the basic knowledge of the fundamental to other aspects of Physics and Electronics to the vast fields of Applied Physics and Electronics Engineering. In this regard, the core values of the Department among other things, revolve around:

  • Providing students with a broad and balanced foundation of Physics knowledge and practical skills.

  • Instilling in the students a sense of enthusiasm for Physics, and appreciation of its applications in different contexts.

  • Involving the students in intellectually simulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.

  • Developing in the students the ability to apply their knowledge and skills in Physics to the solution of theoretical and practical problems.

  • Equipping students with the knowledge and skill-base for further studies in Physics or such related Multi -disciplinary areas of Physics.


At present the Department runs a Four year and Three years Program leading to the award of Bachelor of Science (B. Sc Hon) Physics Electronics.


Physics is the bed-rock of technological development and therefore of National growth with attendant contribution to human welfare, health and progress. Therefore the training towards degrees in Physics is fundamentally geared towards ensuring that Nigeria possesses a critical mass of properly trained and highly competent Physicists needed as catalyst.